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"Wealth of The Future" Initiative

Enriching UAE Sports Movement


"Wealth of The Future” is an Initiative launched by DoubleD Sports Academy to foster UAE Sports Movement, nurture and develop talented for doing sports Emirati youth.


In line with the UAE National Agenda 2021 and UAE Centennial 2071 “Wealth of The Future” Initiative aims to enhance National strength of the country, its sustainability, competitiveness and image of the UAE as a global leader through power of sports.


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  • ​Professional sport accessible for all children under 18

  • Promoting inclusiveness and community development, regardless of social diversity of different familie

  • Discovering and upbringing talented for doing sports UAE Youth

  • Providing a proper, incubating environment for doing sports

  • Developing necessary skills to fully utilize the potential of  Talented Youth

  • “Wealth of the Future” strives to foster positive change and reach SDGs with the help of sports. 

  • Enhancing National strength and UAE global leadership through the power of sports


  • Increasing the number of professional-level Emirati athletes to represent the country on the Olympic Games and International Championships. 


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Initiative context

“Wealth of The Future” Initiative goes in line with the objectives of the UAE National Agenda, Centennial 2071, as well as government strategic plans to develop talented nationals (National Talent Agenda) and empower Emirati youth to become a part of the country’s development and implementation of SDGs. 

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