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Co- Founder of DoubleD Sports, Head Coach

Ms. Daria Galkina is a Co-Founder and Head Artistic Swimming Coach of DoubleD Sports, multiple International and Russian Champion, Honored Master of Sports. Daria holds a Master's Degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor's in Physical Education and Science of Sports. She is a former Member of the Russian National Team and has experience of coaching high-level athletes all over the world. 

"Sport is not only about training. It goes much beyond the sports hall, swimming pool, and field. Sports influence social and family life, develop fast thinking and good decision-making abilities. Supportive environment, rewarding and inspiring to learn atmosphere are crucial elements for outstanding sports results. Also, the role model- the leader - the coach inspiring athletes to imagine, go beyond the limits, and achieve a goal. I believe hard work and collaboration always do their job. I will do my best to help our students become International Champions and represent the UAE on the World Sports Arena". 



Owner of DoubleD Sports Academy

Mr. Abdulla Aldhahli is an Owner of DoubleD Sports Academy. Being interested in developing Sports in the UAE he conducts noticeable contribution and support to the sports development in the UAE and Gulf Region.

"Youth is our future, and I believe sports is on of the ways to improve health and development of young people of the UAE. Therefore, my goal is to provide an environment suitable for bringing up a healthy and happy nation and probably future leaders in the UAE and increasing the country's dignity through tremendous sports achievements of the UAE athletes in the International championships"



Co- Founder of DoubleD Sports, Head Coach

Mrs. Daria Shekera is a Co-Founder of DoubleD Sports Academy and Head Coach of Rhythmic gymnastics, Honored Master of Sports with the Master’s degree in Physical Education. Daria has developed the unique teaching methodic, providing smooth and entertaining development of the skills during the training session. She use her knowledge and experience to help young students to adapt in the fast changing environment of the trainings and competitions in an easy and cooperative manner. 

"Sport is the best way to develop and educate your kids. It makes them a way more determined , focused and responsible since their early years.  Moreover, sport has a positive contribution to the physical and mental health, and a broad range of life skills, which are so important"

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